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Quinntessential Happy Hour: My Medicine (Twice Daly)

Internet, have you ever been in a situation where everybody got their cup, but they ain’t chipped in? Me too. I have been on the other side, as well. It happens. Since life has been kind of a situation of late, I have been listening to more Snoop than average. Normally, I am an East Coast guy, but the dulcet tones of Snoop have been doing more to soothe my tired brain than the totally awesome but pretty in-your-face rhymes of my standby, Wu-Tang Clan.

Due to the warmening [Editor’s note: Mr. Daly was adamant about keeping this term] of the weather and the number of times that I finally leave the house at 3:00 in the afternoon, I have been sipping on a nice afternoon mix of gin and juice. It seems right, you know? They blend together well, and there are some ways to keep it classy. I have always enjoyed a simple Gin Rickey as an afternoon bracer, but, in a bit of a Snoop-inspired fever, I recently began substituting blood orange juice for lime. It’s still nice and tart, but the flavor mix is a little more complex. So juice yourself a blood orange, suck down that medicine, grab those sunglasses, and get ready to stroll down the street. Ingredients and procedure follow.
Squeeze a blood orange into a glass. A fork helps get all the juice out. Add ice. Add gin. Drink this drink. Hit the street. See what’s up.

(Quinn Daly is a retired horse trainer, writer, and photographer. He enjoys cocktails, food, and “art, in general.”)