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Film: Netflix Streaming Top 5 Picks

Elizabeth Barragan’s Top 5 Netflix Picks: Just My Type - I Love Designs

Let’s start the month of February in the mood for love. This Thursday’s Netflix Streaming Top 5 Film Picks focuses on platonic love - the love of design. Milton Glaser unlocks his genius, Helvetica writes a love letter, Objectified - well gets objectified, Art&Copy gives us the Don Draper treatment and Page One… reminds us that we kind of adore the NYT. Sit back and feast your eyes and minds on the beauty of design.

Happy Streaming!

1. Milton Glaser To Inform & Delight - Milton Glaser’s love of design created some of the most iconic images of our lifetime, including one of the greatest design puzzles, 
I LOVE NY, for which he received not a single penny. Delve into the multi-faceted artist who is the key figure in American iconography.

2. Helvetica - Step off Franklin Gothic or Futura, the universally excepted and ignored Helvetica takes center stage in this documentary that will give you insights to why this typeface rules everything from corporate logos to street signs.

3. Objectified - Don’t dismiss them because they are beautiful, these “things” are also functional. Explore how objects are made, why they are made and how they make us feel in our everyday lives. 

4. Art & Copy - What Would Don Draper Do? (WWDDD) This compelling documentary will give you the insights to what the “Mad Men” use to create those catchy advertisements to buy more cars, beer, burgers, etc.

5. Page One: Inside the New York Times - The news paper business is dead, or is it? With the ever changing channels of how society gets its news, these NYT folks will also need to change. What is their strategy? May I suggest Bill Cunningham Front Page? Oh hum, everyone needs the Sunday paper for brunch (and the Finch & Ada Sunday Weekly Wrap!)

Netflix Streaming Top 5 Picks: FASHION

In honor of NYFW and other things we love, I bring you four films and one television series to get you ready for the Catwalk!

1. Madonna, take a bow to the real blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, in the classic Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Monroe says it best with her number, “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend,” and Jane Russell is no slouch, matching Monroe step-by-step with her Brunette sass and legs that don’t quit. Oh and the fashions!!! This movie will have you dripping with jewels and screaming Cartier!!!

2. What is they say on American Idol - “she’s got the X factor.” Well, Clara Bow created the “X Factor,” way back in 1927 in her movie IT. This silent movie is a real treat and you get to see Bow, the orignal DIY hipster, go from counter girl to an evening at the Ritz with a few snips of her scissors. Before the now popular “The Artist” there were these silent movies, which are a real treat to catch on the streaming.

3. Brutal, sexy and dark, is the best way I can describe the mood, sets and costumes for The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. This 1989, NC-17 “romantic crime drama” stars not just Helen Mirren, but also Jean Paul-Gaultier's magnificent designs. You can truly see him beginning to “Express" himself with his moody and apocalyptic costumes, which were surely used to inform his conical bra for Madonna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.  

4. One of my favorite television series was Ugly Betty, which was an actual adaptation from a Spanish TeleNovela (Thank you Selma Hayek!) This series follows a young hispanic woman from Queens, Betty Suarez, as she begins her dream to be a writer and starts where she least fits in, the world of Fashion! Full of glitz, glam and backstabbing, this colorful sitcom has some great characters and has you rooting for Betty, because in the end, we all have a little hispanic from Queens in all of us! Yay Betty!!!

5. Please, please Mr. Cunningham, will let me hang out with you? After watching the documentary Bill Cunningham New York I was thrilled to know I moved to a city that produced the greatness of Bill Cunningham. He is a gentle soul with the fierce eye. He lives through the eye of his camera lens, which is the most endearing and saddest thing about watching his life unfold in this documentary. You will leave feeling inspired and wanting to dress a bit more dapper before you head out to the streets of New York!

Happy Streaming…You better Work It, CoverGirl!!!