Saturday Spark: Getaways

Here at Finch & Ada, we’re getting some pretty serious spring fever. The weather is a tease, as always, and the longer days mean that the sun comes through our windows more often, making it really difficult to work. When glamorous art professional life feels too…mundane (is that possible?), our minds drift to places we’d rather be….at least for a little while. 


Perhaps I will buy an Icelandic sod-roofed summer home, and run across the misty hillsides and renew my sensitive artistic spirit. 

Whooooah, Switzerland, I have NOT been giving you enough credit! 

Our rad art boss Elizabeth hails from the West Coast, and this picture from California’s Highway 1 is in honor of her. 

Finch & Ada’s Quinn Daly loves The West and also ponies. 

Our own Mike Shea recently ran off to Barbados, which looks like a good place to move permanently. (photo credit: aforementioned Mike Shea) 

Finch & Ada’s Bernadette Cruz loves houseboating on Pennsylvania’s Raystown Lake, a location near and dear to my own heart. 

I have found that, if worldly obligations are getting you down, you can always escape to New Zealand on a work visa until it expires and while you are there you can go to Sandfly Bay to watch the penguins! 

Maybe we need to just go back to a simpler time

…and have a 1960s Poconos beach party

But, until we can get away, we’ll just enjoy our current surroundings…for now. 

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