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Sad art girl photographs ensue. 

Hi loyal readers! This week we wandered over to the nearby neighborhood of Gowanus, seeking the fabled Gowanus Print Lab. An unassuming door led to the second-story gallery/studio space, and the rest was history. 


QD: After a picturesque misadventure across the canal, I gained this place and was immediately impressed by the fact that the receptionist didn’t scowl at me. This attitude continues throughout. Thoughts?

EQ: Absolutely. I really want to talk about this space in terms of both the current show— The GPL Staff Showcase— and also the importance of it being a community studio space. The receptionist was incredibly friendly and let us walk around and take all these rad pictures [pictured] as we discussed how great and not-douchey the space was. Not-douchey is a quality I hold above most other qualities.

QD: The staff show was impressive. Really tight, clean work, and inspired as well. It was art that made me glad to like art. The pervasive feeling I got was that it was like when any group of people get off of work, let their hair down, and talk shop - relaxed, but still super pro.

EQ: Your last statement is most accurate— I appreciated the feeling of precision and skill without the CRUSHING WEIGHT OF PRETENSION. From abstract shapes to pornographic paintings of Disney figures to sad balloon messages to fiber-reactive dye— the prints were choice pieces in a luxurious jewel box. You know how I like the shiny-s.

QD: The community aspect plays a big part in that, I think. People helping people develop their art? Awesome. If you go in to it with that attitude, how can you fail? It seemed like a very supportive workspace that still makes good stuff. The perfect combo.

EQ: Exactly. I’d love for my experience of the New York art world to reflect more spaces like this— slightly off-radar, but with a significant level of awesomeness. When you put words in your mission statement like “nurture”, “community” and “affordable”, I am pretty much going to melt for you. If the work is also excellent, I’m going to melt harder. Two thumbs. Go see it, immediately.

QD: This show and this space were both comfortable and professional at the same time, which is a rarity. Go see it right now! Every thumb is up.

QvQ gives The Gowanus Print Lab a generous and heartfelt four thumbs up, if that’s possible. 

The Gowanus Print Lab is located at 54 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Their current show— The Staff Showcase— runs through April 23rd. Visit them for all of your screenprinting needs— whether you are creating, or wanting something to be created for you. 


(Erica Quinn is a photographer/sad girl poet/cat blogger currently pursuing her MFA at the Pratt Institute and otherwise writing for Finch and Ada.) 

(Quinn Daly is a retired horse trainer, writer, and photographer. He enjoys cocktails, food, and “art, in general.”)

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