Artist You Should Know: Giovanni Forlino by Guest Contributor Bernadette Cruz

(“Witch’s Garment”, Wild Turkey Breast Feathers, Acrylic/ Wood Panel, 16” x 16”) 


With a sense of spiritual interconnectedness, Brooklyn-based Giovanni Forlino
describes himself as “a minimalist when working with beautiful,
organic materials such as feathers, or taxidermy fish.”  Forlino is
best known for his Japanese-influenced line drawings and color works
on paper seen in New York City exhibits, but more recently this
multi-faceted artist has been experimenting with sculpture and installation. 


(In private collection of spiritual leaders Ariel & Shya Kane)


“Witch’s Garment”, a 16” X 16” wood panel, features thousands of
unaffected, natural wild turkey feathers exhibiting silky
iridescence in a rich range of colors, such as bronze, black, orange, and
blue.  In other works, Forlino likes to immortalize and enshrine his “muses” by commissioning the services of a cruelty-free taxidermist, then transforming the pieces into art himself, as seen in works like “Raven”, a blue-violet bird coated iridescent mica powder, sporting silver feet, and “Spitting Cobra”, gilded in 24-carat gold. While appreciating the natural perfection of his materials, he shifts the context to affect the viewer’s relationship with the art.

Forlino is currently creating an 8’ panel ordained with nearly five thousand kaleidoscopic wild turkey feathers.  He is also working with The Andy Warhol Museum and Pittsburgh’s Artist Image Research center in bird research and printmaking.

Spend this Saturday getting to know the natural constructs of Giovanni Forlino just a little bit better. 

(Giovanni Forlino holds a BFA from the Pratt Institute and is Studio
Manager at Max Gimblett Studio in New York City.) 

(detail, 8’ door panel, in progress)

(Bernadette Cruz is an NYC publicist with a passion for photography and travel. She likes her coffee hot, her days cool, and thinks sleep is overrated. She tweets @bernadettecruz and you can find her photography here.) 

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